Delivering Innovative Construction Solutions

Continuous commitment to deliver shared value. #GilbaneInnovates

Innovation is a key pillar in the framework that is Gilbane Building Company, We strive to provide innovative construction solutions in order to deliver a shared value for our clients, partners and our people.

We are pioneers in the construction industry, continuously innovating in order to address industry and client challenges, operational deficiencies and inefficiencies with scalable solutions that benefit all stakeholders.

Whether it be incremental process improvement, investment or utilization of technology, the use of AI, or transformational ideas and concepts, the Gilbane Lean approach to problem solving is applied in order to unleash innovation.

This approach is underpinned by Design Thinking principles: a process to solve complex problems in a human-centric way; focusing on innovative construction solutions that are technically feasible, economically viable, and desirable for the user.

Gilbane Building Company’s Innovation Council

Our Innovation Council consists of a diverse group of inventive leaders representing all departments and service areas within the company.

Its mission is to support a culture of innovation where employees are empowered to use creative thinking in a supportive environment. This promotes knowledge-sharing, improves efficiencies, and raises the bar for client satisfaction in a global marketplace.

How Gilbane Transforms The Ordinary to The Extraordinary

Our relationship with Versatile Inc. is just one of the technologies that has allowed us to be on the front-edge of new and innovative construction solutions in the market.

For example, utilizing CraneView technology we are able to non-invasively collect data from our construction sites, remotely and in real time. The data collected is used to help our personnel streamline operations and control the process. This technology provides a bird’s eye view of the site, allowing us to mitigate risk from a new angle and optimize site safety.

Further breakdowns of that data, which we receive on a daily basis, are used to assess outliers and plan around future obstacles.

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