Interactive Scheduling


A team approach to creating a realistic master construction schedule

Interactive scheduling is facilitated by the project executive and includes project management representatives from the client, designers, engineers, trade contractors, and others. Rather than mandate and direct, our unique, interactive scheduling approach achieves “buy-in” and produces a construction schedule that the entire team will use as a tool. This interactive team planning session and process is typically conducted early in the design phase, resulting in a well-developed master schedule.

This master schedule can also incorporate any related projects scheduled as part of larger capital construction program. We ensure that a detailed construction schedule is included in the bidding documents so that bidders are responsive to both the work scopes and the time constraints that may apply to these scopes.

Our project team uses state-of-the-art software tools to translate and update the results into a computerized Master Project CPM schedule. We use Oracle’s Primavera P6 Professional Project Management, which gives the team control over schedule and budget; and NetPoint Application, an intuitive Graphical Planning Method™ (GPM) that provides an activity network-based process for simplified collaborative interactive scheduling.

Benefits of Interactive Scheduling:

  • Team buy-in to mutual commitments in order achieve critical path milestones
  • Mutual understanding of concerns and interdependencies among team members
  • Clear identification of complex, interactive scheduling issues
  • Conduct what-if analysis and analyze alternative project plans