The Mission

Deliver a build-to-suit corporate headquarters that incorporates real estate, technology, human resources, corporate culture, and business service requirements into a single, integrated facility.

The Solution

In accordance with Columbia Energy Group’s requirements, the new facility consisted of a two phase master-plan on 11 acres. Phase I was a 155,000 SF office facility with surface parking for 480 cars. Phase II was an additional 200,000 square feet with structured parking as required. Our build-to-suit program provided single-source responsibility for services that included: alternative site selection, ownership modeling, project management, real estate management, understanding of local markets and a commitment to quality performance. We coordinated all aspects of design and construction and delivered the facility in just nine months, which was three weeks ahead of schedule.

The Details

Instead of the complex finishes preferred by most corporate headquarters, Columbia Energy Group opted for a contemporary, open facility that fosters employee interaction, productivity and creativity.