Transition Planning & Management

We can create a seamless transition for your next relocation or renovation project so you can maintain operational focus.

COVID-19 Return to Work (RTW) Services

At Gilbane we are Building More than Buildings®, we are building COVID Confidence. Gilbane’s internal Transition Planning and Management (TPM) and Facilities Management Service (FMS) groups have developed a new consulting service centered on our clients’ forthcoming return to work. Click here to learn more about these services.

Seamless Transitions

The pressures and costs of moving a staff or renovating a facility can often exceed the available resources needed for execution. Gilbane creates seamless transition plans for our clients that identify tasks to be accomplished, define resources required and establish timeframes for execution.

We believe that no one knows your operations quite like your internal staff. Our team takes the time to perform in-depth operational interviews and partners with your key stakeholders to understand the complexities of your unique organization. We develop customized approaches that complement existing resources while maximizing your daily operations.

We have more than 20 years of experience providing transition, relocation and activation management services. Our portfolio includes more than 60 million square feet of corporate, administrative, research, clinical and retail space in both the public and private sectors. Each project’s unique challenges have shaped us as experts, from optimizing operational space and systems within a new facility to the logistics of move-in.

We Understand the Unique Challenges of Building Turnover

Our team members are trained in the intricacies of the transfer from the building team to the owner for ongoing operations. We bridge the gap through a series of orientation, training and real-time testing activities to ensure your staff is comfortable accepting and working in their new environment, keeping their productivity at the highest level. To optimize the management of your building operations after your successful move-in, our Facilities Management services help maximize the overall performance and efficiency of your facility.

Representative projects include: