Schedule Risk Analysis

Gilbane provides schedule risk analysis to identify risk early, maximize risk mitigation options and minimizing cost overruns and delays.

Improving the Accuracy and Predictability of Schedules

Schedule Risk Analysis (SRA) services provide quantifiable data regarding the healthy pace of a project by identifying, assessing and mitigating schedule risk using proven statistical simulation techniques. SRA services can be effective at any point of the project; however, early discovery maximizes value. It is a proactive schedule risk approach.

These schedule services can be implemented at one phase of a project or implemented throughout every phase of the project from the initial needs assessment, through planning and design phase, during construction, commissioning, operations or decommissioning.

Why perform SRA?

Because unpredictable events and time constraints interrupt the plan. The greatest limitation of the CPM schedule is that it represents only one plan, often a snap-shot from the start of the project. The SRA process allows analysis of unlimited schedule scenarios, assisting the team create the true optimum and risk mitigated schedule. Implementation of an SRA procedure is the most effective step towards proactive management of schedule risk – with minimal cost for maximum results.

Benefits We Deliver to You

  • Early discovery and assessment of items that critically impact your schedule
  • Ability to maximize time recoveries and reduce the cost impact of slippage
  • Reduce costs associated with schedule delays
  • Deliver your project on-time