Value Engineering & Management

Your construction projects need to come in on budget. Our value engineering and management services result in efficient lifecycle costs for clients.

Gilbane’s collaborative teams work with you to understand cost drivers on your building project.  Working together, ideas for savings are shared and considered for implementation.

With a builder’s eye, Gilbane reviews design concepts and contract documents for their cost implications, completeness and correctness, and the practical results they will provide if implemented. Our experienced staff engineers and field personnel participate in the review of the concepts and documents. Using detailed estimates, project budgets and results of careful document reviews, our team will identify design concepts and details that could decrease the project cost or construction duration.

Focused value-management efforts throughout all phases of a building project will provide you with a successful outcome well after the building is complete. A complete value engineering analysis should include:

  • Life-cycle costing
  • Constructability reviews
  • Maintainability reviews

Featured Case Study

UVA East Chiller Plant Value Engineering
Our estimators priced possible scenarios and presented them to the team. This allowed the decision-making to proceed with confidence and the team rapidly reached conclusions on how to bring the project back within budget.We were able to manage a potential 40 percent budget overrun that was discovered during our initial estimate for the UVA East Chiller Plant project. With input from key stakeholders, we broke the estimate down into fixed and variable cost elements.
The original estimated cost of $34 million was reduced to $24 million and project was brought out within budget.