Site Safety Planning

Our Gilbane Cares program combines award-winning safety systems with dedication to caring about the well-being of all the people that work on our projects.

In regard to your 100% tie-off rule on Gilbane job sites… if it weren’t for the enforcement of this rule, I may have lost my life or have been seriously injured. The plank I was walking on broke… It has given me a new outlook on what ‘can happen.’

– Jason
Scaffold Erector and  father of four

We have been honored by the Associated General Contractors and Construction Users Roundtable, among others, as one of the safest companies in the construction industry. Our systems and procedures for keeping people out of harm’s way are second to none. But, we’re committed to doing even better and becoming incident-and-injury-free while helping the industry to improve overall safety.

Gilbane Cares about Safety

In addition to safety audits, checklists and other tools, we’re training our employees and project partners to embrace a new safety culture based on people rather than statistics. Gilbane Cares is a program with a safety philosophy built on the belief that everyone on our projects is a member of our family. The goal is for everyone to work hard and go home to their loved ones at the end of the day. Gilbane Cares means the safety of everyone on our project sites is always our number one priority. Gilbane has made a significant investment in training employees and partners in JMJ Associates’ Incident and Injury Free methods.