Pre-Construction Services

Gilbane’s collaborative team leverages technology solutions, high-level communications skills and innovative ideas to partner with you during the design phase of your construction project.

H2: What is Pre-Construction at Gilbane?

The Pre-Construction phase at Gilbane offers a wide-range of services directed at thoroughly evaluating the needs of our customers and their projects before breaking ground. 

Incorporated in our pre-construction phase is an integrated suite of services including but not limited to:

  • Cost estimating
  • Procurement
  • Scheduling
  • Logistics planning
  • Value engineering construction and management
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Site safety planning
  • Constructability reviews

These services ensure that we are in lock-step with our customers about the project’s schedule, design aspects and decisions, and budget.

Also included in our pre-construction services is award winning people-first safety planning that protects our employees and project partners, while giving peace of mind to our customers. At Gilbane, our ultimate goal is that everyone who steps foot on one of our sites returns home to their loved ones afterwards.

What Our Pre-Construction Services Can Do For You

Discover how each and every one of our pre-construction services at Gilbane can help take your idea and turn it into an actionable plan.


Our goal is to align you with top of the line contractors who can accomplish all your project’s needs at the best possible prices. Don’t settle for just any contractor.


Using our innovative CostAdvisor tool we are able to converse with you in pre-construction meetings, make alterations to your design, and show you pricing changes in real time. Discover the benefits of our CostAdvisor tool.

Cost Estimating

We provide you with highly trained estimators that use advanced technological construction tools to explain your project’s estimates to you in a comprehensive and understandable manner. More accurate cost estimating.


Our design-assist program enlists the help of expert contractors across disciplines to ensure you get the best quality work in a timely fashion, and at the best price. How design-assist can help you.


We deploy a collaborative system to create comprehensive scheduling plans with input from all team members, ensuring that you receive realistic and achievable milestone dates. Getting your projects done on time.

Site Safety Planning

We have received multiple awards for our deep commitment to safety by having a human-being first mentality, and the creation and management of thorough plans. Safety achieved through planning.

Sustainable Construction & LEED Services

Sustainability is a key aspect of every project we take on. With the guidance of our Sustainability Council we ensure that sustainability is top of mind for each of our customers’ jobs. Committed to sustainable construction.

Value Engineering & Management

At Gilbane, value engineering in construction means developing design solutions that allow your project to come in at or under budget. Allow our engineering experts to save you money.