Technology Accelerators

To power efficiency on Lean construction projects, Gilbane has invested heavily in technology accelerators that add value for our clients.

Technology Tools in the Field

BIM 360 Field – A tablet-based QA/QC tool that integrates with BIM to allow sophisticated quality management processes and includes tools that are fully customizable (i.e. custom checklists to verify information).

BIM 360 Glue – Tablet-based system with the ability to take the 3D model onto the jobsite to view the model while walking around the jobsite. Gives the project team the ability to take the composite model on the jobsite to snap dimensions to create an immersive environment.

Bluebeam –  Allows teams to organize, communicate and edit documents in an efficiently. Cloud-based information and can be shared with all team members with specific access rights. Consolidates all documents and the team can create the structure collaboratively.

Electronic Plan Tables – Large touchscreen monitors allow on-site personnel access to the most up-to-date drawings.  A split screen allows the overall drawing and detail to be viewed at the same time

Laser Scanning – High definition survey scanning device used to create on-site surveys with exceptional accuracy.  During renovations, laser scanning is used to verify existing conditions. During construction, it is a tool to verify quality of work put in place, ensure critical dimensions are met (floor level, windows, structure, etc.) and obtain accurate dimension for prefabrication. Watch short video here.

Emerging Technology in Construction

glassesOculus Glasses – This Virtual Reality headset can be utilized in coordination with BIM to experience 3D virtual walk-throughs, giving a dynamic sense of space across the entire project so changes can be made with confidence early in design and before construction begins.

Drones – Ability to easily fly through an interior of a complex jobsite to review the construction progress and shoot video for reporting purposes.  BIM visuals can be overlaid on the video stills to make sure the work conforms to the plans.

gilbane_hololens-in-actionMicrosoft HoloLens® -The first fully self-contained holographic computer enabling users the opportunity to interact with high-definition hologram. The HoloLens offers an opportunity for to immerse and blend 3d holographic content into the user’s physical world. The result is a truly immersive experience for clients allowing interaction with their building before the ground has been broken.  Click here to watch MIT Technology Review’s video at our Dearborn STEM Academy project.