Our Lean Transformation

People, processes and tools are all essential to Gilbane’s Lean journey. As a company, we prioritize knowledge sharing – amongst a project team from person to person to ensure true collaboration on all levels.

For over 145 years, Gilbane has defined our value as a family-owned company through a people-first approach. In recent years, the construction industry has faced increased pressure to deliver safe, high quality projects faster and with greater service excellence. Amid these pressures, how will we maintain our time-honored focus on our people, our greatest resource, so they can deliver better and better results for our clients?

                                                                                                      Our answer is Lean.

Powering Excellence 
Our Lean approach is industry leading. We believe that our Lean transformation produces better results and better experiences for our customers when we apply Lean across all the dimensions of our system – with personal learning, high performance project teams, and our company-wide innovative discovery.

People First 
Gilbane’s employees are driven to help our teams and clients succeed.  Our Lean Practitioner program is unique in its approach of empowering employees using the Lean concept of pull. When employees pull for knowledge, they are paired with coaches at their point of need in a small group setting to learn and apply their new capabilities and breakthrough thinking.  The outcome:  our employees grow and attain personal mastery, while simultaneously adding value on their projects and assignments.

Building High Performance Teams
Industry research and our own successful projects have brought into focus that it is all about effective collaboration for results. We are implementing behavioral systems and processes that transform project team collaboration from an art to a science – Lean teams are powering excellence. As an example, our Advanced Planning and Scheduling coaching program uses Lean techniques, from Pull Planning to 5S, to look down the road proactively and prevent risks and problems, which results in reliable schedules for our clients. Our Advanced Planning and Scheduling coaching program is an investment in helping our teams perform at a higher standard than they ever did before – better, faster and safer.

Innovative Discovery
Gilbane’s commitment to core values and process discipline has served us well and guides us as we rise to meet the challenges and opportunities to build our future. Our company leadership is committed to this investment by empowering multi-disciplinary teams to improve our business processes and systems through, incorporate new technologies like Virtual Design and Construction, conduct hackathons and disruptive innovation events, and create playbooks that standardize the process and capture how the best people go beyond to succeed. This approach is transforming us as we lean into the future.

Projects featuring Lean Construction