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Gilbane is a company steeped in family values dating back to 1842.

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Gilbane is a company steeped in family values and a heritage that began in the rugged countryside of county Leitrim, Ireland.  In 1842, William Gilbane was born to Thomas and Bridget (O’Brien) Gilbane. To escape the “Great Hunger” the family relocated to the United States in 1845 making Rhode Island their home and welcoming the birth of their second son, Thomas, in 1854.  Together they became carpenters and worked tirelessly to found Gilbane Building Company in 1873.

Since that time, Gilbane has built a reputation for fairness, discipline and an unwavering commitment to the highest performance in all facets of our business and operations as evidenced through our dedication to our Core Values. Today, measured growth has offered Gilbane the opportunity to expand the downtown skylines nationally.  We are prepared to continue taking on new challenges and expanding our global footprint.

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