The Mission

Work with architect Davis Carter Scott, on behalf of the Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Services (“DBHDS”) to complete a feasibility study to locate and implement a treatment program for the civil commitment and rehabilitation of sexually violent predators. 

The Solution

This was a unique assignment in that there are very few facilities of this type that can be cited as precedent, even at a national level. After having considered both build-to-suit and adaptive reuse options for multiple sites across Virginia, we determined that we could achieve the lowest cumulative 20-year occupancy cost under a build-to-suit approach on a site that was located in Burkeville, adjacent to Piedmont Geriatric Hospital (also operated by the DBHDS).

Following the feasibility study, we delivered the new Virginia Center for Behavioral Rehabilitation (VCBR), a 300-bed, 175,000 SF facility on a 27-acre site to the DBHDS. As part of our turnkey approach, we were responsible for all aspects of the project—including planning, design, entitlements, approvals, construction, commissioning and FF&E planning and procurement (to include managing the relocation from an existing facility). The project was among the first to be delivered under Virginia’s Public-Private Education Facilities and Infrastructure Act (PPEA).

The Details

In addition to living areas that includes 300 resident rooms, the project contains administrative offices, activity/education areas (including a gymnasium) and a medical suite. There is also a Kitchen/Warehouse building to support not only the 300 residents at VCBR, but also the residents located at the adjacent Piedmont Geriatric Hospital.