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Washington Headquarters Services BRAC 133 Mark Center Relocation

Gilbane transitions more than 6,400 DoD personnel to the Mark Center

Gilbane’s integrated team of construction managers and transition planning and management experts provided program and transition management to the Washington Headquarters Services (WHS) BRAC Program Office (BPO). WHS BPO was established to manage the design-build construction project at the Mark Center and the transition of all assigned Department of Defense (DoD) activities to the Alexandria complex in compliance with the Base Realignment and Closure Law of 2005.

Our Transition Planning & Management team served as the primary liaison between the WHS BPO and each of the DoD activities. The team focused on the planning, coordination and management of the transition of each of the 22 tenant organizations, totaling 6409 personnel from 34 leased locations throughout Northern Virginia to the newly constructed facilities.

The successful execution of the complex transition and relocation was the result of extensive planning, analysis and coordination. Gilbane organized three teams to support the Client Requirements Program and address the volume of tenant requirements: the Client Liaison Team, Client Requirements Planning Team and the Move Management Team. The three teams supported the DoD tenant activities through the space planning and design effort; relocation planning and execution; and the coordination and management of all transition activities.