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US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Battlefield Health and Trauma (BHT) Research Center

This research center integrates all Defense Department combat casualty care research missions and functions in a multi-service, synergistic research facility with a clinic foundation to provide excellence in battlefield health to our military soldiers.

Building Integrated Combat Care Research for U.S. Troops

BHT is home to all Defense Department combat casualty care and trauma research missions. This center leverages the synergy of clinical care and research activity on the delivery of immediate care for warriors who have sustained life-threatening injuries on the battlefield.

The BHT project includes:

    • New biomedical research building with:
      • Laboratory
      • Vivarium
      • Vivarium support facilities
    •  Connection via underground corridor to the existing Institute of Surgical Research (ISR) facility
    • New construction adjacent to the existing ISR facility houses:
      • BSL-2 laboratorieso
      • Administrative offices
      • Office support space
    • Addition to existing ISR vivarium facility to accommodate:
      • Small animal and Non Human Primates holding
      • Procedure areas
      • New cage and rack wash
      • Additional support areas
    • Gilbane installed specific Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection which included:
      • Blast resistant curtain wall and punch windows
      • Security bollards around the perimeter of the building
      • Basement walls heavily reinforced and poured approximately 19-foot thick to add thickness and for blast protection of the building in addition to structural purposes

The government chose not to pursue LEED certification due to funding; however sustainable building practices included low water use equipment and over 88% of construction waste was recycled.

Cost Saving Solutions

Gilbane was able to save the owner approximately $300,000 from day one by bringing in select major subcontractors during the design phase to validate the milestone estimate pricing and provide real-time industry input.