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University of Nevada, Reno Chilled Water Interconnect

Gilbane is committed to implementing environmentally responsible construction practices on our projects.

sustainable features eliminate 70% of energy needed to cool buildings

Gilbane performed Construction Manager at Risk Services on the University of Nevada Reno’s Chilled Water System Upgrade.  The overall goal of the project was to consolidate the existing individual chilled water systems into one cohesive unit.  This entailed the installation of new underground supply and return lines and converting 19 existing buildings’ chilled water systems into one centrally located MCP “Modular Chiller Unit”.  Most of the existing cooling systems had to be completely removed and replaced with new controls, DP sensors and modulating valves that would be sequenced using cutting-edge technology accessible from any part of campus.

The overall goal of the utilities upgrade would be to eliminate 70% of the energy needed to cool the buildings, while maintaining the overall system functions.  This presented some challenges for the team considering the age of some of the buildings and utilities on campus some of which were constructed at the turn of the last century.

Sustainable features include:

  • Daikin Modular Chiller Plant: These plants are constructed to be an all-in-one solution to meet the demand of the most complex cooling systems.  With cooling towers, chillers, pumps, controls, service panels and advanced VFDs all contained within one unit they are considered industry leaders in efficiency.
  • Additional infrastructure: The project includes the installation of underground utilities for two additional MCP units to accommodate the future growth of the university.