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The University of Chicago New Residence Hall and Dining Facility

Sustainability was a focus on this new residence hall with a complex green roof system

With Gilbane as their partner, the University embarked on two new projects that were critical components of their capital improvement master plan. The goal of the project was to maintain the University’s rich architectural heritage and ensure the campus was integrated into the surrounding community.

The project consisted of an 811-bed residence hall with single-, double- and apartment-style suites in one high-rise and two mid-rise buildings; a 539-seat dining facility including a 75- to 85-seat café; convenience store; and study commons with computer facilities and study space for the complex. The residence halls consist of a series of wings, ranging in height from five to nine stories, arranged around two private courtyards.

The new dining facility links to and expands the existing historic Burton Judson dining spaces to serve approximately 1,800 students. Extensive summer renovation work, supported by a detailed buy-out schedule and on-site storage of construction materials, was conducted to meet the critical completion milestone coinciding with the start of the academic school year and the return of students to campus.

Gilbane encountered numerous challenges on this complex project. The new facility was built on a tight, urban site, which required extensive logistics coordination. The site is bound by major thoroughfares and immediately adjacent to existing gothic structures. Careful management of site logistics was critical to the fast-track implementation of the multi-building project in this congested campus environment. Most of the construction took place while school was in session so safety concerns were of the utmost importance as well.

Client Value

Sustainable design and energy efficient options were incorporated into the design and construction of the new buildings from the outset of the project. The new building included a green roof system that meets City of Chicago requirements and reduces storm water run-off while lowering cooling costs.