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Southern Avenue Industrial Area Superfund Site

Gilbane is currently performing a Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study (RI/FS) to investigate and provide environmental cleanup strategies.

Gilbane is currently evaluating and collecting site data; identifying remedial alternatives; and will select a soil and groundwater remedy that eliminates, reduces, or controls risks to human health and the environment at a former industrial site in South Gate, Los Angeles County, California.  Team tasks include sampling and laboratory analyses to evaluate the extent of soil, soil gas and groundwater contamination on-site as well as the levels of contamination in the residential and industrial neighborhood adjacent to the site.

The results of soil gas sampling will be used to evaluate any immediate human health impacts from vapor intrusion for on-site workers and residents.  In addition, groundwater data will be used to evaluate any connection between site groundwater contamination that has migrated down-gradient and may be commingling with the Cooper Drum Company Superfund Site groundwater plume.

Evaluating Environmental Impacts

Gilbane is conducting a remedial investigation/feasibility study of soil, soil gas and groundwater contamination as the  U.S. EPA has determined that potential risk to human health and environmental exist at the site.  Based on Gilbane’s findings, the EPA will determine further action required to protect human health and the environment.