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Site Closure at Avon Park Air Force Range

Gilbane  is conducting soil and groundwater remediation as well as munitions clearance at the Avon Park Air Force Range in Central Florida under two long-term task orders for the U.S. Air Force to close 27 sites and conduct long-term groundwater monitoring. Fourteen sites have been closed and the remaining 13 sites are on track for closure within the next 6 months.

A wide range of environmental remediation technologies have been utilized ranging from removal/disposal of contaminated soil to in situ treatment of ground water through air sparging, chemical oxidation, and precipitation of arsenic. Avon Park covers 106,000 acres and is the largest active Air Force range on the East Coast. We routinely schedule remediation and sampling activities around the range schedule and mobilized additional personnel to expedite field activities to ensure the Air Force mission is never impacted. Several of the sites are located on active ranges requiring removal of munitions debris and avoidance of unexploded ordnance (UXO).  Other challenges during remediation have included avoidance of endangered plants, animals, wetlands, and historic areas.

Maximizing Performance Based Remediation Strategies

The goal of the Air Force is to maximize the site closure in order to eliminate environmental liabilities and reduce long-term costs. At the end of the second task order, the Air Force cleanup program will have been reduced to annual groundwater monitoring at 6 sites where site closure is not economically feasible.