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Repair Tank 4 | Incirlik Air Base in Turkey

Gilbane Awarded Repairs to Return Concrete Fuel Tank to Service at Incirlik Air Base, Turkey

The U.S. Air Force Civil Engineering Center (AFCEC) awarded Gilbane a project to repair extensive deficiencies to Tank 4 at Incirlik Air Base. The tank has uncommon features not typical to most fuel tanks. It is made of concrete and not steel.

Gilbane’s repairs include installing a new reinforced concrete tank shell with a polyester resin liner to prevent fuel from seeping into the concrete. Gilbane is developing the concrete design to ensure that proper water-to-cement ratios exist in the mix for proper strength, strain profiles, and ability to retain varying fluid loads. Other major repairs involve patching holes in the tank’s roof, providing scaffolding supports in the concrete shell, removing and replacing tank coating, executing other upgrades to the tank to meet tolerances and standards, and performing a final inspection to verify the tank is suitable for service.

This project, valued at over $2million, follows two previous awards in Turkey. Gilbane’s wins in Turkey continue to expand our competitive and quality project execution for clients throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

With three ongoing projects totaling more than $6 million at Incirlik Air Base, this win and our other projects in Turkey represent a strong strategic position due to its contiguity with the Middle East and proximity to Africa.