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Repair Hangar 250 Electrical Distribution System

Gilbane upgrades electrical distribution system for Air Force hanger.

Gilbane performed underground and directional drilling and excavation based on utility type and location after performing a site survey using electronic locating equipment to verify underground utility locations.

The team installed two 1,500 kilovolt ampere (kVA) transformers (and new concrete pads), 416 volt (V) control panels, installed 416 V to 208 V 150kVA transformers, and a 2,000 ampere non-segregated duct. Because cutting the power to Hangar 250 affected multiple buildings, Gilbane ensured that electrical service cut-over minimally affected Little Rock AFB and the facility’s mission. .

Minimal Outage Time

Gilbane employees coordinated with the government for construction and outages to keep the building functions operational. Our placement of electrical equipment minimized construction disturbances and system outages.