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Quest Diagnostics Operations Center

Gilbane team delivered 24-hour call center to support ground and air transportation fleet for Quest’s 2,200 patient service centers in Tampa, Florida.

Project Summary

Gilbane provided construction management at risk services for the renovations for a new national operations center for Quest Diagnostics that houses the Human Resources Shared Services and contains a 24-hour call center that serves as a central hub.  The center is one of two national operations centers that utilize high-tech systems to quickly respond to customers, physicians and other healthcare providers. The exterior skin of the building was upgraded to be hurricane hardened and outfitted with an on-site generator to ensure no disruptions in the event of a storm or power outage.

Renovations entailed 48,840 square feet of commercial office space to accommodate the human resources department who employs over 45,000 employees and a 24-hour call center that serves as a central logistics operations center.  The key function of the call center coordinates and tracks round the clock transportation of blood products with over 3,000 truck drivers and 20 planes to travel from one of Quest’s 2,200 patient service centers to laboratories where they will be tested.

Quest Diagnostics is the world’s leading provider of diagnostic information services and already operates in numerous locations around Florida, with services ranging from advanced genetic testing for cancer and rare disorders to routine cholesterol testing.

Fast Track Construction Schedule Allows Owner with Additional Scope to Occupy Project on Time

On a fast-track 4 month schedule, Gilbane completed the National Operations Center within the original schedule while meeting the needs of 14 additional scope items.  The Human Resources department was able to move into the facility during the holiday week from Christmas and New Year’s as originally scheduled.