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Penn State University Hetzel Union Building at University Park Campus

Gilbane Utilizes Virtual Design and Construction through Phased Renovation Project

The Hetzel Union Building at Penn State is a 107,000 SF addition and renovation construction project. The main project challenge will be building the addition on top of, adjacent to and within the existing buildings while keeping student and food service operations running smoothly. In order to maximize picks by the tower crane, Gilbane utilized virtual design and construction techniques including BIM to analyze crane placement in avoid conflicts during the steel erection process.  The project is targeting LEED certification and involves three phased projects.

Project 1: Expansion Project Highlights

  • Addition to the northeast side of the HUB
  • Enclosure and conversion of outdoor space into usable indoor space while simultaneously integrating the Bookstore visually and physically into the union.
  • An over build on the second floor adds meeting/ multipurpose space and “black box” theatre. Conversion of existing roof into a green roof with interior and outdoor seating/program space.

Project 2: Bookstore Project

  • Renovation of bookstore spaces and mezzanine expansion
  • Maintain bookstore warehouse and distribution operations functioning in the basement
  • Cafeteria addition

Project 3: Food Services and Backfill

  • Rapid summer renovations upgrade the food court
  • Renovate final areas that were vacated in project phases 1 and 2