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New Haven Schools Capital Construction Program

Gilbane manages largest school construction program in Connecticut and the largest per capita in the United States.

Powering Through Since 1998

Gilbane is providing program management services for a 46-school construction and renovation program involving 4.2 million SF. The $1.66 billion, 19-year construction program includes renovation, demolition, new construction, and relocation for site-specific requirements of an entire state of the art K-12 school system, collegiate level athletic field-house, central kitchen and ancillary facilities. Services began in 1998 and are anticipated to continue through 2017.

School construction spans across all grade levels from pre-K through high school. Completed projects range from 35,000 SF to 322,000 SF. Upon completion of the program, Gilbane will have brought on line 15 totally new schools and 31 completely renovated schools. The project is the largest school construction program in the state and the largest per capita in the country.

A Role Model for Local Job Creation

Gilbane worked with Nichole Jefferson, Executive Director of the City’s Commission on Equal Opportunity to attract, train and nurture individuals of diverse backgrounds for employment as a local workforce hires. Team efforts resulted in over 1,000 jobs being created for minorities through the school-construction program. This includes 599 New Haven minority resident jobs created and 181 jobs created for women, with $5+ million allotted to the City minority community through certified payroll.

Gilbane is the ultimate team player that always considers our needs first. Also, their ability to involve their K-12 Center of Excellence and the lessons learned from New Haven and the hundreds of other K-12 projects will add substantial value to your program and is a unique feature of their services.

Reginald R. Mayo, Ph.D., Superintendent of New Haven Schools