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New Castle County Public Safety Building

Construction and demolition in eight phases allowed for vital community services to perform uninterrupted during construction.

Consolidation of multiple offices to improve community support

The New Castle County Public Safety Headquarters enables the Police Department, Social Service Agencies, Paramedics, Fire Chief, 911 Services, and Emergency On-Call services to be consolidated and housed in one location.

The building features police administrative space, a raised floor emergency call center, sally port and processing area with holding rooms, evidence storage, the forensic investigation department, fitness center and locker rooms. Unconventional spaces in this building include a holding cell area, interview rooms, vehicle search bays, a public meeting room, emergency operations command center, 911 communication center, data center, evidence detection room, evidence storage area, arms storage room, latent processing/chemical room, fire arm training simulator (FATS) room, video arraignment, video monitoring, intoxilizer and polygraph rooms.

Due to working in such close proximity to the existing operating police facility, Gilbane developed an eight-stage phasing plan that accommodated demolition of several buildings at different times, relocating and expanding retention ponds, installing temporary access and parking, and relocating existing and installing new site utilities. The phasing allowed for uninterrupted occupation to the police services building that is in use 24/7.

After the departments in the existing adjacent building relocated into the new space, Gilbane completed demolition of the original building, as well as additional site work including parking lots and retention ponds.