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Multiple Fuels Projects for the Royal Air Force at Fairford and Mildenhall Facilities

Gilbane’s Fuels Experts Manage Multiple Repair Projects at Royal Air Force Facilities

Fuel facility repairs at RAF at Fairford, UK include an addition of a roof to the Gemini Filter facility (steel-framed, steel-clad); installation of sliding covers on drain tank pit and steel grate at SW JFSI, Central JFSI, and SE JFSI facilities; and installation of spill protection in pump rooms at seven facilities. Scope also includes modifications to alarm systems and leak detection systems, and associated civil works; and performance testing.

Fuel system repairs to various POL facilities at RAF at Mildenhall, UK include drain tanks and connections; product recovery system; leak detection at hardstands and cross base pipelines; automatic shutdown valves; non-standard connections; diesel tanks at two facilities; eyewash stations; concrete containment; outlet pits and rolling pit covers; and filter separator; and bulk storage tank hardstands.  Work is phased to permit one system taken out of service at a time.