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Multiple Fuels Projects at Incirlik Air Base

Large Fuel Repair Contract Helps Gilbane Expand Project Delivery Across Europe

Gilbane is providing fuel system repair services at Incirlik Air Base under a contract with the Air Force Civil Engineering Center (AFCEC). This project valued at over $3.5 million continues our previous work in Turkey during 2012, and is part of a larger host of multiple projects the U.S. Air Force has slated for completion at Incirlik Air Base.

The project involves numerous tasks to repair Incirlik Air Base fueling facilities. Major tasks include repairs to the refueling truck parking area  (extra-thick concrete pavement with custom curbs), valves and control equipment repairs (computer logic programming, hardware interface, and pump installation), and fuel pipeline repairs.

This strategic project in Turkey expands Gilbane’s ability to provide clients with competitive project execution throughout Europe by providing and efficiently strong business hub on the continent.