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Matteson Public Library Addition and Renovation

Gilbane successfully delivered complex addition and renovation with no impacts to library patrons or ongoing operations.

Unique approach to community involvement through social media mascot

Gilbane provided comprehensive preconstruction and construction management at-risk services for this 8,000 SF addition and renovation program to the main and lower levels of the Matteson Public Library. The program provided a series of new spaces to allow for greater services to the Matteson community, as well as increasing operational efficiency. The expansion provided an opportunity to relieve some of the space constraints for meetings; provides a new, more welcoming entry; creates greater transparency from the outside; and corrects any lingering problems with the distribution of supply air, power and data.

The main floor addition provided a new area for the children’s library, staff, and an entry sequence that includes a vestibule, stair case and ramp, and a larger lobby. The existing library renovations included moving the Media Collection to the floor below the large volume in the north section of the building; and construction of a new circulation department and maker space. There were minor renovations in the existing administration area including shifting offices and four new study rooms.

The lower level addition is dedicated to new meeting spaces and rest rooms to accommodate the increase in building occupancy, as well as minor renovations to the north side of the building and a staff lounge expansion.

The project also included a new roof on the entire building, some site redevelopment, utility connections, additional parking spaces and parking drop off area, landscaping, and miscellaneous site features.

Library Director Kathy Berggren presented Gilbane Project Manager Jeremy Roling with a gift on behalf of the library for his outstanding performance. Out of the entire 12-month construction duration, the library only shut down for one day. The library staff and community appreciated Jeremy and his commitment to their project.

“Very dedicated individuals coping with numerous unforeseen complications that are beyond their control.” – Kathy Berggren, Library Director at Matteson Public Library

Client Value

To effectively communicate to the community and patrons of the Matteson Public Library, Gilbane introduced ‘Chester’ (a stuffed monster toy) who visits various locations at the project site to keep us updated on the Matteson Public Library progress. The community can follow Chester on Matteson Public Library’s Facebook page.

“Lots of progress is being made. In my first photo, you can see me sitting on samples of what our new walls will look like. In my second photo, I look a bit like a jailbird behind our brand new railing for our construction entrance. In my third photo, you can see that I had fun crawling out of the pit that our front patio has become. Look at the back of the picture to see how far down the construction workers have dug (hint – the dark part of the wall used to be all below ground). I love playing in the construction areas, but I am always safe! I wear my hard hat and get permission from the construction workers before every photo shoot!”