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H&R Block Headquarters Restack

Gilbane TPM successfully completes an extensive restack of the H&R Block Headquarters

The H&R Block Headquarters Restack project in Kansas City, Missouri included the relocation of more than 2,350 personnel during 13 move sessions. The moves were strategically scheduled during the tax industry’s off-season, creating an extremely tight timeline for completion between May and October.

Gilbane’s TPM team worked closely with H&R Block to identify and execute a new stack and block plan that condensed the square footage of 1,200 associates’ work areas in order to accommodate five contiguous floors for the occupancy and use of a call center that employed 700 personnel.

The Transition Plan involved:

  • vacating 60,000 square feet of nearby leased space;
  • the construction of three new call center training rooms; and
  • identifying, purchasing and installing call center furniture.

Gilbane was able to meet all existing and new project challenges by developing well planned and thought out strategies then successfully implementing them. Workstations were downsized and panels lowered to create a free-address and agile work environment. Throughout the transition of 14 floors, a total of 8 full floors were vacated and re-configured.  The total transition was effectively accomplished with the build out of two call center floors used as staging space.

On time, on budget

Gilbane led the required planning efforts and the sub-contractor/vendor team to complete this very complex project on time and on budget. This enabled H&R Block to focus on tax season readiness, as well as the operational and financial initiatives that the restack supported.