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Houston Healthcare Northwest Tower Expansion & CEP

When Houston Healthcare moved forward with Phase 1 of their master plan to ultimately replace their main hospital campus, they turned to Gilbane for early planning through construction to complete the project without interruption to the existing campus.

Replacing Houston Medical Center was a monumental task that demanded detailed early planning. Using Gilbane’s Healthcare CostAdvisor, we assisted the hospital to evaluate almost 40 different design and construction sequence concepts, assessing both revenue and non-revenue generating space, as well as new versus renovated areas. This analysis led the hospital to invest more in Phase 1 to create new revenue generating space, so that Phase 2 could be partly funded from the increased revenue from Phase 1.

Prior to construction of the new four-story bed tower and renovations to the existing facility, Gilbane began construction of a new state-of-the-art Central Energy Plant (CEP) with capacity to support the new campus. Building the CEP on an occupied and fully operational hospital campus involved extensive planning and coordination to ensure that necessary shut-downs and tie-ins of new electrical would never impact patient care.

The new tower houses admitting, dietary and public support on the first floor, as well as 46 medical surgery beds, 20 critical care beds, and 12 step-down beds, NICU, nursery and 25 post-partum beds on the upper floors. The lower level includes shelled space/storage, education and medical records space. ILSM and ICRA measures were implemented as the project also required renovation of existing space and new tower connected to the existing five floors.

Client Value

“The Healthcare CostAdvisor allowed us to create scenarios to help us ensure we were investing our capital wisely providing the optimum return to the bottom line and to the community we serve.” – Grady W. (Skip) Phillips III, former President and Chief Executive Officer