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Guam Tank Conversion, Sasa Valley, Guam

Gilbane was awarded this mission critical project in support of U.S Federal Agency and DoD operational units at Apra Harbor.

This Clean, Inspect and Repair (CIR) project is in preparation to support a FY19 MIlcon project

Gilbane is providing design-build services for a $25.8 million project for NAVFAC EXWC. The project supports a Fiscal Year 2019 Military Construction (FY19 MILCON) project. The project scope is to clean, inspect and repair (CIR) seven (7) cut and fill underground storage tanks (USTs) at Defense Fuel Support Point (DFSP) Guam.  These 50,000 BBL tanks were initially constructed between 1952 and 1954.  Six (6) of the seven (7) tanks will undergo a conversion from the current product to a new product. All three (3) of the F-76 tanks (U9, U10 and U11) will be converted to JP-5 service and three (3) of the four Rapeseed Methyl Ester (RME) tanks (U14, U15 and U16) will be converted to F-76 fuel service. The conversion of RME to F-76 presents a difficult challenge to the project team as RME sludge has accumulated over the years and is too viscous for typical removal and requires conventional scrapping the tank by hand.  Additionally, the pipelines connecting U14, U15 and U16 will be converted from RME to F-76 and will also require a thorough cleaning utilizing alternative methods.

Following the cleaning of each tank a modified API 653 inspection will be performed on each UST to identify suitability for service and / or repairs required to bring the tank in compliance with codes, specifications and regulations. Scope for each tank is reconciled following the inspection and the scope of work is updated at the direction of the Contracting Officer via a contract modification. Repairs are then conducted on each tank and a follow up inspection validating the completion of repairs is conducted. Once repairs are complete a suitability for service letter is issued and tank calibration is completed to provide most up to date volumetric charts on the tank.

Challenges on the project include the remote project location, work in the underground tanks which requires accessing a subgrade vault for tank ingress / egress, and coating in Guam, a highly humid and corrosive environment which can be detrimental to coating application if not properly controlled.