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Genzyme Biologics Support Center

Through an IPD approach and BIM coordination, Gilbane exceeded expectations by delivering a state-of-the-art, LEED Gold biopharmaceutical facility.

Genzyme Wins with IPD Team Chemistry

By using Integrated Project Delivery (IDP), a method that is based on the recent emergence of Lean construction principals that maximize value through efficiency and collaboration of all involved, Gilbane created an integrated team entity composed of both key project stakeholders and trade contractors on this innovative seven-story office and laboratory facility that supports a multi-product biopharmaceutical manufacturing environment. In just two months, the team was able to identify a Space Program, Design Concepts, Master Project Schedule and Order of Magnitude Estimate several months faster than normal delivery methods. The team also identified risk scenarios, refined costs through value engineering and brought on design-assist resources to develop competitive pricing and define early bid packages. As a result, a definitive cost estimate was developed nearly four months ahead of traditional planning and design channels.

Successful Outcomes from Intensive BIM Coordination

With weekly BIM coordination meetings with all major disciplines, 20-60 clashes were resolved each week. The BIM was so accurate that a tremble (field measuring) device was able to pinpoint the model to within a fraction of an inch in the field. As a result, there was virtually no rework needed in the field and there were 50 percent fewer RFIs and Change Orders than typically seen.

“This stands as a clear example of Gilbane’s strength in these highly technical life science projects.”

-Peter McManus, Murphy McManus (Owner’s Project Manager)