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Frontier Fertilizer Superfund Site Long Term Response Action

Gilbane’s federal environmental team works with the EPA to operate and optimize contaminated groundwater extraction and treatment facility in Davis, California.

Project includes operation, maintenance, and optimization upgrades to the groundwater extraction and treatment facility necessary to efficiently control contaminants. The facility includes electrical, mechanical, chemical, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), solar electric power generation processes. Effectiveness is monitored by measuring, compiling, and evaluating chemical concentrations and water levels in 115 wells, pump speeds, system pressures, leak sensors, and energy use and generation. Facility performance and compliance with federal and California codes and regulations, solar electric power generation and Site access control, are documented and coordinated with stakeholders.

Optimizing Government Resources

The project facilitates protection of human and ecological health by minimizing exposure to toxic pesticides and facility processes, stakeholder understanding of the benefits resulting from the project, and protecting and optimizing the use of government resources.