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Fort Ord MEC Removal and Soil Remediation

Gilbane Completes Two Prescribed Burns at Fort Ord to Support MEC Removal Efforts

Project Summary

This project is the largest environmental task order in the history of the company, for munitions removal and soil and groundwater remediation at the former Fort Ord near Monterey, California. The project presents multiple unique challenges to complete the remedial tasks at hand, especially those involving ordnance cleanups.  The centerpiece of the project is the 8,000-acre former Impact Area where most of Fort Ord’s former training ranges, both practice and live fire, were located.

Gilbane completed two prescribed burns totaling approximately 570 acres of vegetated land within the Impact Area at the former Army infantry training base. Prescribed burning is the preferential method for clearing vegetation from lands impacted by ordnance from past Army training activities, so that surface removal of munitions and explosives of concern (MEC) and munitions debris (MD) can proceed in the safest and most expeditious manner possible, and it is the optimal approach for protecting the rare plants at the site. We removed surface MEC from 1,498 acres and removed subsurface MEC from 112 acres following digital geophysical mapping.

Client Value

Bureau of Land Management (BLM) manages the land as a Habitat Reserve with trails and historical preservation features to be explored and enjoyed by the public.