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F-15 Fleet Modernization Program Facilities, Prince Sultan Air Base, Saudi Arabia

Gilbane provided Design-Bid-Build construction of a Munitions Storage Area (MSA) in support of the F-15 Fleet Modernization Program. The MSA comprises 12 earth covered magazines, a harpoon missile maintenance facility, bomb line holding facility, inert warehouse, fuse and detonator storage facility, assembly load/pre-load facility, and a domestic water utility and fire protection system pump building.

The following new facilities were constructed:

  • Earth Covered Magazines – 269 SF each. (Phase 1: 6 & Phase 2: 6. Total of 12)
  • Harpoon Missile Maintenance/Test Facility – 17,674 SF
  • Bomb Line Holding Facility – Outdoor Covered Storage – 5,382 SF concrete pad with a 5,307 SF pre-engineered metal building
  • Inert Warehouse – 19,655 SF
  • Fuse and Detonator Storage Building – 3,843 SF
  • Assembly Load/Pre-Load/Build Facility – 9,688 SF concrete staging area with a 3,767 SF pre-engineered metal building
  • Domestic Water Utility and Fire Protection Systems Pump Building– 1,916 SF

Joint Effort

This project represents a joint effort by the U.S. Air Force and the Royal Saudi Air Force to provide the necessary facilities to support the F15SA Fleet Modernization Program at Prince Sultan Air Base.