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Environmental Interim Removal Action at Cape Canaveral

Strategic teamwork over a 32-month contract saves money and supports launch schedule requirements at SLC-17.

Gilbane’s federal environmental team executed an interim removal action (IRA) for removal of contaminated soils from multiple sites at the Space Launch Complex (SLC) 17 and Facility 1738.  Services included the preparation of a Site Delineation Plan that specified field sampling locations and analytical requirements, definitively stating requirements for soil removal area and depth in support of clean closure of the excavations. Successful implementation of this strategy allowed crews to immediately backfill and seed excavations, which eliminated the need for stabilization and saved approximately $65,000.

The team’s plan also eliminated the need for conventional post-excavation confirmation samples and avoided delays associated with waiting for off-site laboratory results. This was critical to supporting launch schedule requirements at SLC-17, and supporting operational, safety, and technical constraints at the active Facility 1738.

Construction methods successfully used on this project included using limits defined by sampling prior to excavation, stockpiling materials (wet and dry contaminated soils) on site to dewater, and avoiding slope stability enhancements, such as sheet piling.

Team Collaboration Yields Savings for the Federal Government

Gilbane partnered with the Air Force, USEPA Region IV, and Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) to allow further characterization of a site at Facility 1738, which limited the amount of soil to be removed and the amount of pavement to be demolished and replaced. Partnering also permitted on-site treatment of water from PCB excavations, allowing disposal of the collected waters on site ground and reducing disposal costs by $15,000.