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Design-Build of the Medical Education Training Center (METC) Medical Instructional Facility Building 5 (METC5)

Gilbane provided design-build services for new construction of the Medical Education Training Center Building 5 (METC5) at Fort Sam Houston, Texas.

 This $16.9 million two-story, 47,406 sf facility is designed for general and applied academic medical instruction and provides a variety of automation-aided classroom spaces, as well as laboratory, administrative and storage spaces. In March 2012, the project received its LEED Silver certification from the USGBC. This project was performed as a task order (TO) under Gilbane’s Design-Build MATOC contract with the USACE Fort Worth District.

The METC-5 building was constructed on a sloped site, with the appearance of a one-story facility from the front/main entrance and of two stories from the side/rear views. Anti-terrorism and force protection (AT/FP) measures included blast-resistant windows, a mass notification system, privately owned vehicle (POV) parking located outside of the stand-off distance required for the building, and a mailroom with a separate HVAC system sealed from rest of the facility.

The building is designed to serve 225 students and 65 total faculty and staff, with six separate medical instructional areas. Special requirements in the building include medical-grade compressed air and vacuum supplied in each of the nine Respiratory Therapy Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Rooms at each ventilator station in the respiratory therapy 52-student and 31-student classrooms and in the respiratory therapy laboratories; direct exhaust to the exterior for the Anatomy/Physiology Laboratory; negative air pressure for the Saw Room in the Orthopedic Casting Laboratory; and acid waste disposal system serving the Cadaver Classroom.