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Camp Carroll, Republic of Korea: Repair & Replace Roof Building 605

Gilbane completes repair and renovation services at Camp Carroll in South Korea one month early.

Scope of work for this $2 million project included installation of 93,000 sf of built up built up asphalt roof, 8,000 sf of standing-seam metal roof panels, gutters, and downspouts; and replacement of decking and wood joists. All materials for the project were shipped from France and the USA, unpacked from ocean containers, loaded onto trucks, and transported to the site. Despite loading, unloading, and transportation all materials arrived on time and undamaged.

Gilbane worked diligently to complete the project and protect the work, the active office space, personnel, and office equipment below from the constant rain of the monsoon season. No office, personnel or equipment got wet and no complaints were filed.

Replacing the roof on an active office space was very intrusive to the customer and those that reported to work daily including the Commander, Deputy, and their staffs. All roof waste materials had to be immediately removed from the building vicinity and new roof materials kept away until needed to provide building access for office staff, leadership, warehouse materials and workers. The US Government’s contracting agency, AFCEE, was commended by the customer for coordinating this messy, difficult work and received no complaints.

High Performance Construction Team Finishes Ahead of Schedule

Gilbane maintained the project schedule despite the fact that a two (2) month in-house re-design was needed to account for unforeseen sight conditions. The project was completed one (1) month ahead of the contract schedule and no additional costs were needed as a result of design changes.