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Bank of America

Gilbane builds long-term relationships engaging valuable client input with our seasoned professionals.

over 500 project sites complete totaling more than $400,000,000

As a client for over 69 years, Gilbane has built more than 35M SF of facilities for Bank of America totaling more than $400M in constructed value. The work performed includes a variety of project types: more than 500 retail banks (new and renovations), administration spaces (tenant improvements), ADA compliance upgrade programs, roofing, HVAC repairs, parking lots and signage, and data centers.

Our relationship with Bank of America and their partners currently stretches across 21 states including: AL; AZ; CA; CT; FL; GA; IL; MA; ME; MI; MN; NC; ND; NH; NJ; NY; PA; RI; TX; VA; and WI

Much of the work involves retail branch locations throughout the United States requiring various repairs and upgrades as well as ground up construction. All work is completed under fast-track schedules and requires detailed planning with seamless execution. Our project teams develop an overall program schedule highlighting key milestone dates throughout the program, as well as specific implementation, safety, and quality plans. We also provide a dedicated program director to ensure continuity and consistency throughout the program. Projects include space renovations (such as relocating lighting, electrical, and heating equipment), environmental upgrades (such as upgrades to air conditioning, chillers, and cooling towers), roof repair and replacement, major sprinkler and fire alarm upgrades, and building addition. Due to excellent client satisfaction and the consistent delivery of value-added services and savings, Gilbane Building Company has continued to grow our geographic reach within the account.