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Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children

Gilbane provides health care solutions to Orlando Health

The renovation projects at the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children were completed by the Gilbane team while the hospital remained fully operational during construction. The renovations included the installation of single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT), radiology rooms, transfer switch equipment, as well as renovations to the exterior of the emergency department façade. Because the projects were completed at an active hospital, they required sensitivity to avoid contamination to adjacent rooms and nearby spaces .

Transfer Switch Project: The 10,000 SF renovation involved installation of the automatic transfer switching equipment for the emergency power system at Arnold Palmer Hospital.

Pediatric Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging Renovation: This project called for the complete renovation of the 5,000 SF radiology area and the installation of new radiology equipment.

SPECT Renovation: Installation of new single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) including architectural, mechanical and electrical installation work. The 2,000 SF facility is immediately adjacent to the existing emergency room. The Gilbane team had to take extra precautions working on the project due to its sensitive location within the hospital.

Emergency Department Exterior Renovations: This project involves the demolition of buildings at the emergency department and revisions to the 3,600 SF connected walkway. The team, through constant communication, coordinated all construction activities so that the hospital and emergency department maintained normal functions without disruption to ongoing patient services.

AHCA Experience in Florida

Gilbane’s 30+years of experience working with the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) in Florida has resulted in a complete and thorough understanding of the requirements and regulations necessary for construction planning. This expertise ensures Gilbane’s project team successfully meets all AHCA requirements. Our team of healthcare construction professionals understands the importance of AHCA’s mission to provide “Better Health Care of All Floridians”, and proactively perform pre-AHCA surveys prior to final AHCA inspections throughout the approval process.

Agency for Health care administration

Gilbane worked with AHCA to schedule site inspections every three-weeks to review the progress of the construction and to ensure the inspection team members were current with work taking place at any given time. This type of coordination is key to completing the projects on time and assuring all work was done in compliance and within regulations.