Nine High School Students Awarded ACE Mentor Program of Rhode Island Scholarships At Annual Fundraiser

Providence, RI – May 23, 2019  The ACE Mentor Program of RI (ACE RI) celebrated its 15th Anniversary at their annual fundraiser and awarded scholarships to nine high school students who will be pursuing careers in the building design and construction industry.  The event was held at the newly renovated Pavilion at Grace Church in Providence, where mentors, board members, program sponsors, high school teachers and administration, and students and their families gathered to commemorate another successful year for ACE RI.

The ACE RI Scholarships are worth between $4,000 and $2,000, and a grand total of $29,000 was awarded; a record high for the program.  The scholarships are named in recognition of the local firms and agencies that donated at the “Keystone” and “Cornerstone” levels and are intended to assist talented and deserving students planning to study architecture, engineering or construction in college.  A list of the sponsors is available on the ACE RI website at

The following is a list of ACE RI’s scholarship recipients:

Isabella Bernard, LaSalle Academy – $4,000

Katherine Cretella, East Greenwich HS – $4,000

Chase Goulet, LaSalle Academy – $4,000

Vidal Rodriguez, Blackstone Academy Charter School – $4,000

Sophia DeCurtis, LaSalle Academy – $3,000

Aleksander Pelletier, Somerset Berkley Regional HS – $3,000

Jalen Williams, LaSalle Academy – $3,000

Kayce Carter, Cranston East HS – $2,000

Clara Cruz, St. Mary Academy – Bay View – $2,000

About ACE Mentor Program

Founded in 2003, the ACE Mentor Program of Rhode Island (ACE RI) is one of 74 affiliates in the nationwide ACE (Architecture,  Construction, and Engineering) Mentor Program. It annually engages 10,000 high school students in a free afterschool program lasting 15 sessions.  Volunteer industry professionals mentor students and lead them through a hands-on simulation of designing and constructing a project.  Since its start in 1994, ACE has awarded $19 million in scholarships to help its students with post-secondary education and skilled crafts training.  ACE is supported at the national and local levels by major companies in the integrated construction industry.   For more information visit