Monuments & Museums

Construction of Federal Monuments & Museums The planning and design of a museum or monument often represents complex architectural challenges and requires significant engineering and labor coordination. Unlike other structures, these high-profile designs often include intricate visual features such as cantilevers to set striking angles, ribbed curtain walls or undulating flow of long spans to create a mood or embellishments with granite or bronze designed to stand the test of time. Gilbane has a proven history of translating detailed and unique design visions into reality.

Showcasing a Legacy

Taking on a legacy project of building a monument or memorial can be an overwhelming challenge. The end result must convey the mission and intent of honoring and recognizing major historic events and noble efforts. Gilbane has been privileged to build many unique monuments showcasing a legacy of achievements for the public to enjoy for generations.

Similarly, museums have a mission to engage the public through teaching about the past and present. Museum spaces are designed educate through extensive collections, exhibit galleries and displays of cultural artifacts or archives. Construction or renovation of these facilities requires proven expertise to handle the exacting climate needs, specialized lighting, visual infrastructure and mechanics, specific security and art storage.

We’ve been part of projects from the earliest stages of capital campaigns through working with historic preservation organizations, the National Capital Planning Commission, National Parks Services, National and Capital Memorial Advisory Commission, to name a few. You can trust Gilbane’s dedication to deliver a project you can be proud of.

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