High Security

High Security Correctional & Criminal Justice Facilities Advanced safety and security control systems are vital when constructing criminal justice facilities. Security access, the safety of public employees, stakeholders, community members, not to mention the construction team is a top priority on every project whether a correctional centers, jail, courthouse, emergency operation center, or a sheriff-police station. The Gilbane Building Company, having completed 7.5 million square feet of justice facilities within the past ten years, prides itself on providing expert knowledge in creating high-security facilities through proven procedures.

We Understand the Importance of Sound Security Systems

The unique requirements and crucial need for high-level security and safety for each facility can vary from project to project. The security measures we institute encompass personnel background checks, access control badging, programmable logic controlled systems, proximity card readers, fingerprint biometric readers a full sweep on the facility prior to turnover, and more depending on the nature of each facility.  We utilize our extensive lessons learned database and dedicated Center of Excellence focused on Criminal Justice projects to ensure that we capture successful project outcomes that translates to keeping individuals safe and secure during every phase of construction and beyond.

Proven Project Experience in High-Security Settings