Correctional Facilities

Salinas Valley State Prison - Cropped

Leadership in Correctional Facility Construction

Gilbane is a seasoned correctional builder, creating environments that promote safety, health and well-being for all. The construction of correctional facilities, no matter the security level, should support the humanity of all who work, are detained, visit or provide services within the facility. Gilbane supports efforts to reduce recidivism and promote rehabilitation through diversion, treatment and other efforts, with the overarching goal of reducing a facility’s population of detainees. We help accomplish these goals with expert construction of modern correctional facility design, ensuring the right technologies, security and materials are sourced from day one. As a top correctional builder in the country, we bring the right experience and best practices to the forefront to transform existing facilities and construct new ones that operate efficiently, with the needed security and flexibility for all user groups.

Building Exceptional Correctional Facilities