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Institutions today require specialized facilities that are equipped to recruit faculty and students, encouraging interdisciplinary interactions and providing the flexibility to accommodate future needs.

Projects in the Higher Education Market

Higher Education Construction & Building Solutions

KSU CAED In choosing a university or college, many faculty and students base their decision on the type of technology and state-of the-art facilities that you have to offer. You must build facilities fulfilling a wide range of needs to attract the best new students and faculty. At the same time, construction projects must not inconvenience current faculty and students or jeopardize safety and campus operations.

Our experience, coupled with the Higher Education Center of Excellence, provides valuable best practices and lessons learned to minimize disruption on campus and maintain a safe environment.

Learn more about our specialized facilities construction at colleges and universities around the globe:

  • Academic – Today’s teaching methods focus more on flexible, small group learning spaces designed with current technology requirements. Learn More
  • Science & Technology – We understand the specialized nature of research laboratories (wet and dry labs) coupled with the need for flexible spaces. Learn More
  • Sports & Recreation– A recent trend is the development of wellness centers that include mind and body programs and the traditional medical clinics. Learn More
  • Student Living – Dining and residence halls comprise a significant part of a student’s life on campus; facilities need to grow with their communities. Learn More