Public Schools

With a focus on active and adaptive learning for both large and small groups, the goal for contemporary K12 education is to encourage academic achievement by creating a student-centric environment.

Services that meet your needs

Whether new, renovation or modernization, Gilbane has the experience to support your school construction program with services from early referendum support, to fast track “warm safe dry” programs that maintain accreditation, or construction of an advanced STEM or CTE facility.

Technology in the Classroom

The incorporation of state-of-the-art digital and distance learning capabilities has become fundamentally necessary in contemporary classroom construction. Gilbane recognizes the importance of technology in today’s learning facilities and ensures that the necessary tools are available for all end-users including students, faculty, and parents.

Student Inclusion

Our robust student inclusion program invests in all students! While science and math present some of the more obvious links to student curriculum, with proper planning, connections to the project can extend beyond architectural design, construction and engineering, to also include virtual design and construction, AR/VR, graphic design/visual communication and video production.