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General Dynamics Electric Boat Program Management Services

Gilbane to provide program management services in support of facility master planning in both Quonset, Rhode Island and Groton, Connecticut


Facilities at both locations are being expanded to allow Electric Boat to construct Virginia- and Ohio-class replacement submarines. These expansion efforts are expected to span more than a decade and include land- and water-based facilities in both locations.

Gilbane is one of America’s leading builders and one of its primary duties on this assignment will be validating current planning and ensuring alignment with current and future operational business needs. Using these findings, Gilbane will work to align cost and schedule of Electric Boat’s Facility Master Plan with their business needs and financial plans. A critical element of this effort is maintaining uninterrupted, ongoing operations with cost and schedule demands. To do this, Gilbane will be challenged to identify creative project delivery and finance models.

Gilbane is partnered with Stantec, who will provide design guidance for new facilities and existing facility infrastructure assessment services and planning. InnovaNet will be delivering industrial and process engineering services and J2H partners will be available to provide financial and real estate consulting services.

Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc., Manufacturing and Bottling Facility

Gilbane delivers state-of-the-art facility with future expansion capabilities.

Gilbane provided design-build services to Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc. for a greenfield manufacturing/bottling facility that produces beverage products.  The project site encompassed raw material receiving and storage, beverage processing and packaging systems, blow molding operations, utilities systems, offices, employee amenities, a maintenance area, a security entrance, truck parking and an on-site waste water treatment facility.


Ocean Spray Cranberries operates under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). These guidelines are set in place to ensure the manufacturing and production of food/beverage products are of high quality and do not pose any risk to the consumer as these requirements include maintaining a clean and hygienic manufacturing area. In order to meet these requirements, resinous flooring was specified and installed in 11 areas. Resinous flooring is a high quality floor that withstands both the caustic and acidic environments in addition to the continuous wear and tear of forklift and pallet traffic. The resinous flooring was installed prior to any equipment being set in the areas and was protected to prevent any construction damage. There are few hard corners in the facility in order to eliminate debris or residual water build up when the equipment is washed. All equipment is raised off the floor and has sloped edges to ensure efficient cleaning.

Future expansion capabilities of the building and infrastructure will allow for an eventual total of five bottling lines on this site.

Gilbane partnered with TranSystems as the A/E designer and Javlyn as the process engineer.

Mane, Inc.

Gilbane managed construction for manufacturing and research and development additions to Mane, Inc.’s campus in Lebanon, OH.

Gilbane: A Key Ingredient in the Successful Delivery of Mane, Inc.’s New U.S. Headquarters

Mane, Inc. is a family-owned firm founded in 1871 and headquartered in Bar Sur Loup, France. They have more than 1,700 employees worldwide and are a leader in the development of flavorings and fragrances. Gilbane recently constructed a new research & development (R&D) facility, manufacturing pilot plant, and administration facility at Mane’s new U.S. headquarters campus in Lebanon, Ohio. This facility replaces their old campus in Milford, Ohio. The new campus now employs more than 200 people; 127 of which are new jobs created in Lebanon as a result of the new facility.

The two-story buildings have a structural steel frame with slab-on-metal deck system, combined with a steel framed and pre-cast deck pilot plant addition. The exterior stud frame and curtain wall feature an architectural “bubble” glass feature wall at the main entrance. In addition to multiple, multi-use lab spaces, there are many high-end items that were utilized for the fit-out, such as LED light fixtures, glass bottle windows, ornamental stairways, and an intricate, Epoxy Terrazzo floor system. The pilot plant facilitates the creation of new techniques in developing flavoring products.

The campus is a combination of research and development, manufacturing and administrative spaces. As a national headquarters facility, it was designed and constructed with two different mindsets: one more focused on function and ability, while the other is more focused on the finishes and final appearance.

Sweetwater Brewery Expansion

Gilbane Utilizes Fast Track Construction to Increase Brewer’s Capacity

Atlanta’s Sweetwater Brewing Company, now the country’s 27th largest Ameri­can craft brewer, underwent an expansion to their existing brew facility. The installation of the advanced systems and equipment ultimately increased their current brewing capacity by 500%. The facility, which is located on an extremely tight site with limited footprint, had to be creative in moving forward with the expansion plans. Gilbane was brought on as the construction manager to assist in the modification to the existing structure which needed to accommodate the new taller brewing tanks and also build a new addition to the brew house, all fitting within the tight site constraints.

Brew Tank and Barrel Highlights

  • New superstructure
  • New roof system with penetrations for the 14 new brewing tanks
    • Four 10,000 Brite tanks
    • Ten 10,000-barrel fermenta­tion tanks
    • Renovation of the existing 10,400 SF tank farm
  • Installation of a new 250-barrel brew house
  • New fermentation cellar supplements the existing 50-barrel brew system allowing more efficient brews.

The entire project, completed on a fast-track schedule, came in on time and within budget and was all completed while the brewery continued operations. Due to the efficiency of the project, Gilbane was also able to return savings back to Sweetwater Brewing Company.

Sweetwater has been continuously expanding for the last 15 years and we have used dozens of contractors. There is no doubt in my mind that Gilbane was by far the best contractor we have used and I would recommend them to anyone.

Freddy Bensch Sweetwater Brewing Company