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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Gilbane has been working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) since 2014, providing construction services through the U.S. Foreign Military Sales Program to the Royal Saudi Air Force in support of their F-15 Fleet Modernization Program.

Gilbane’s presence in Saudi Arabia began with the award of a $160 million project to provide new construction and renovation at King Khalid Air Base. Successful completion of that project has led to additional work in the KSA to build the infrastructure needed to support the F-15 fleet Modernization Program. With a fully dedicated team of U.S. employees, local Saudi personnel and third country nationals, we have delivered on our commitment for unwavering integrity in support of our clients — the U.S. Air Force and the Royal Saudi Air Force.


  • King Khalid Air Base: Scope of work included new facilities, renovation of existing facilities, demolition and infrastructure upgrades. Included in this work was the new King Khalid Training Center that provides academic and hands-on training for F-15SA aircraft maintenance within a campus-type setting and dormitory space to accommodate 900 personnel.
  • Prince Sultan Air Base: The MSA is comprised of 12 Earth Covered Magazines (ECM), a harpoon missile maintenance facility, a bomb line holding facility, inert warehouse, fuse and detonator storage facility, assembly load/pre-load facility, a domestic water utility and fire protection system pump building.
  • King Abdulaziz Air Base:Work includes new construction of a weapons release/gun system shop, fuel system maintenance hangar, avionics pod facility, airfield ground equipment storage facility and two new fire protection system pump buildings. As part of this Modernization Program, extensive renovations will be performed at the squadron operations facility, fabrication shop, engine shop, F-15 maintenance hangar, corrosion control facility and the weapons training center.