Nancy Libardoni speaking on ENR Webinar – Linking Generations to Build Jobsite Skillsets

Through new mentoring between experienced job site workers, and those who are extra tech-savvy, contractors and unions are expanding both technology skills and real-world best-practices for everyone. Our panel of experts will share how these “partnerships” boosted technology use, improved job site and project productivity, and made their firms attractive employers.

During this webinar, attendees will:

  • Find out why generations don’t mix and how to bridge the learning gaps on site and in the office
  • Learn how one contractor changed its technology DNA
  • Hear details on how millennials and boomers linked to bring transparency and speed to one iconic racetrack reconstruction
  • Discover how skill sharing can give younger workers a responsibility and career boost
  • Understand how firms are using “reverse mentoring” to increase retention—20% in one case!