ENR FutureTech

Dec 11, 2015 all-day
Georgia Tech Global Learning Center

ENR FutureTech Conference | Program | December 10-11, 2014 | Atlanta, GA

Prototyping for Commercial Construction
It’s undeniable: the design and construction industry is in the midst of creative destruction and reinvention – clients need speed to market, designs and systems are increasingly complex, and buildings are being assembled in new ways.  We incorporate rapid prototyping best practices from manufacturing to design and construction.  Case studies will show practical applications of gaming technology to improve client and architect decision making, laser scanning taken to the next level, and the best of US and German process improvements to deliver faster and with higher quality.

Nikolas Frueh
Project Engineer
Ed Züblin AG

Sue Klawans
Vice President, Director of Operational Excellence
Gilbane Building Company

John Myers
Virtual Design & Construction Engineer
Gilbane Building Company

Rawle Sawh
Senior Virtual Design & Construction Manager
Gilbane Building Company