The Mission

Design/build/finance a new Texas DOT headquarters in Houston. The project also involved demolition, construction and renovation, and was accomplished through two phases.

The Solution

Phase I involved constructing a new multi-story office building on approximately ten acres of land across from the existing Houston headquarters, which included an Administration Building (128,000+ SF) and Laboratory (14,000+ SF). Part of Phase 1 included a 450-car parking garage, as well as a 300-car surface lot.

Phase 2 was comprised of the demolition, construction and renovation of the existing headquarters complex to provide office and support facilities in addition to a new District Annex Traffic Signal Warehouse Building. This phase also included the demolition of a nearby four-story office building which was replaced by a typical Maintenance Building (11,500 SF). The main design challenge was to create, construct and demolish the new facility while not disrupting the DOT day-to-day business. Therefore timing of construction, demolition, renovation, and moving the existing offices and personnel was critical.

The Details

We structured the financing component around a lease with an option to purchase. The financing was challenging, due to Texas statutes that were very restrictive in allowing issuance of tax-exempt debt. Nevertheless,we presented our plan to the Texas DOT and were successful in gaining the opportunity to work on this impressive complex.